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Brrr, brrr, brrr, slosh

No, I’m not cold. I’ve been cutting channels in the concrete floor to lay the new central heating pipes and, five minutes after putting the SDS drill down, I’m still vibratiing to the point that I’ve just sloshed coffee on the floor, on the steps and on the computer keyboard. My ears are still ringing, […]

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Breakthrough! The concrete and granite finally give up the fight.

Smelled like… victory

Coming up to lunchtime today, the concrete and granite plinth in the dining room still extended to the yellow strip of concrete in the foreground and across to where the broom is standing. I’ve chipped, hammered and pickaxed the plinth three days a week for three weeks now, usually managing to get a granite block […]

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It dusted us over…

It dusted us over, an’ it dusted us under. No, it wasn’t a dust storm on the American prairies. It was me, with my angle grinder.

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The dining room excavation is making slow progress.

Excavating the dining room

The Other Half and the boys are away on holidays. They’re at Grandma and Grandad’s house, where they’re enjoying fizzy pop, sweets and trips to the cinema. If the OH is to be believed, my “holiday” is having a break from them. If so, my idea of relaxation is peculiar. I kneel, squat or sit […]

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Another way to save energy

If you’re already making serious inroads into your personal energy consumption and find Energy Saving Week’s guidance less than challenging, then it’s time to consider less obvious ways of curbing energy consumption. We’re often told the airline industry is a major producer of carbon emissions and we’re urged to either not fly or only fly […]

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