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The first snow of the season can still be seen on the Hill of Foudland.

First snowfall of the season

When I woke at 6am, it was cold in our bedroom even though the heating came on an hour earlier. I suspected I’d see a hard frost when I looked out the back door, much as we’ve had for the past three days with temperatures down to -4C overnight. I was wrong. I didn’t see […]

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A wind-swept Border Terrier.

Braving ‘the Big Freeze’

We went for a family walk to the summit of Dunnideer today. Yes, we ignored the dire warnings about temperatures as low as the Himalayas and failed to heed the the advice to not make unnecessary journeys as we braved the ‘Siberian conditions’.

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Snow falls on the Grampians for the first time of the season.

Winter on the horizon

We’ve had an unseasonably warm autumn with the grass still growing, peas flowering, flies and bees flying and other oddities. Temperatures have seldom dipped below 8ºC, although we have had the usual gales and rain. Today, though, winter finally appeared on the horizon with snow settling on the Grampians.

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Was it worth it?

When I was feeding the pigs this morning, I could see from the cloud formations and crisp, clear sky that we were odds on for a glorious sunrise. So after finishing the chores, I went inside to get the camera and came back out to look for just the right spot. Eventually, I settled on […]

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A cold, snowy year

The last snow of the 2009/2010 winter fell on the croft on 10 May. The first snow of the 2010/11 winter fell on the croft on 20 October. We’ve had deep snow cover on the croft since last Wednesday.

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