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The boys lark about with tubs of water—in March!

It’s March, isn’t it?

I thought we were still in March when I woke this morning: the third month of the year, the end of winter and the beginning of spring, a cool month in this part of Scotland. By 11am I was having second thoughts, perhaps we were really in May or even June as the sun shone […]

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Mowing the grass—in February. For the second time.

Mowing in February

Yes, I was out mowing the grass today and, no, it didn’t feel right. Not because I have a fractured wrist and should be ‘taking it easy’. No, it didn’t feel right because it’s February and we never mow the grass in February. Or March. And sometimes not even in April. Snow, ice and low […]

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A cold sunrise over the croft.

It’s warm, or so I hear

I was surprised this morning when I heard BBC Radio 4 proclaim a warm end to 2011. In fact, I was so surprised I picked up the camera, put on multiple layers of clothes, slipped into my overtrousers and jacket, wrapped a scarf around my neck, popped my woolly hat on, went outside and crunched […]

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And now a hard frost

We’ve gone from wet and cool to hard frozen this morning. The temperature fell to -5C overnight, leaving a good skin of ice on all the standing water around the steading, nipping the broad bean seedlings, killing some of the herbs that had been moved out of the sunporch and turned the muddy ground into […]

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Winter’s last blast?

We’ve now had three days of hail, sleet and snow, often combined with strong winds, so feeding the animals can be a little interesting as the Other Half found when she fed Daisy this morning. It’s not proper winter weather as the snow is neither deep nor lasting, but it is cold and wet.

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