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An unpleasant discovery

I was browsing the website of Animal Arks, a company that supplies pig housing, when I made a rather unpleasant discovery. The site’s owner and author writes a blog, which he’s used to indulge himself in name-calling at my expense. What really surprised me is that the author is not publishing a personal blog or […]

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I really should just take the money…

The prospective customer I wrote about a couple of days ago has been in touch again. He’s even more keen to keep pigs, so much so that he’s now talking about buying four instead of two. I probably should have closed the sale, taken the money and moved on to the next customer.

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Businesses and computers drive me mental!

After many months we’ve finally removed almost all our banking from the appalling Santander, formerly known as Abbey. However, there have been the inevitable glitches as numerous direct debits and standing orders are moved from Santander to our new bank. Most of the glitches have been sorted with ease but a few have run onto […]

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Eek, a rural address!

Yes, another company’s database has been set up in such a way that it rejects rural addresses that lack street names. While the Other Half was on the line to Experian trying to sort out their problems with our address yet again, I was on the computer trying to put an ad in Autotrader to […]

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