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When does a livestock breed become extinct?

When we were at the Turriff Show, an elderly gentleman came over and told me how much he enjoyed seeing “proper pigs” again. It emerged that he’d kept pigs until he retired almost 10 years ago, concentrating on producing bacon and hams. I naturally asked him what breed he’d kept.

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The Stonehead road trip

We set off on our journey to Lanarkshire to collect our new Berkshire sow at 0610, 40 minutes later than we’d have liked because of the need to get many of the day’s chores done before we left. The boys, as always, were very excited to be up before dawn ready for another “expedition”. The […]

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Feeding pigs

I’m often asked what we feed our pigs and in what quantities, especially by people who are tempted to fatten a couple of weaners for their freezer. There’s no “right” answer, but in general the slow growing traditional breeds require less protein at finishing than modern commercial breeds. As we breed and finish Berkshires (early […]

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What’s for dinner?

To conclude our day of food, I thought I’d show what happens when the Other Half, a vegetarian, says “a pile of veg would be okay for dinner”. A quick search through the freezer threw up broad beans and peas from last summer, plus the last parsnips from last spring. A journey out to the […]

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