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Compressing the brake pistons

Wee ‘Un changes the brake pads

When the Wee ‘Un arrived home from school today, he found me taking my tools out in readiness to change the rear brake pads on our Land Rover Defender. He asked if he could help, so I said he could do the job if he wanted. He immediately agreed. I cracked the wheel nuts free—they’d […]

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Defender continues its hissy fit

I’m contemplating blowing the Land Rover up. Or burning it. Or cutting it into very small pieces. Yes, it’s still having a hissy fit. I was taking the Wee ‘Un out to the school bus this morning when I looked over at the Defender and noticed something odd through the back right wheel. After he’d […]

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With the new cable in place, the really fun part begins: fitting the retaining springs.

Chilling with the Land Rover

I’m feeling chilled this evening. No, it’s not due to post-Christmas relaxation. I’ve spent five hours lying on frozen ground beneath our Land Rover Defender TD5 changing the handbrake cable. It’s a job that requires liberal use of the swearbox as, unlike as our previous Defenders, the ‘improved’ design of the TD5 means a cable […]

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