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Valhalla, here I come!

I really should stop visiting Raincoaster’s blog. She keeps mentioning extraordinarily daft quizes that I end up taking because, well, they’re extraordinarily daft. Normally, I wouldn’t go near a quiz with a bargepole as they’re pure hokum.

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Lushies and wargamers

I thought I’d have a quick look at the blog statistics before going to bed and discovered I have a fast-growing new audience: lushies and wargamers. I confess I’m a little puzzled as to the attraction of the blog for either group but I’m sure someone will be along to explain. http://wdlovesme.19.forumer.com/ http://thenewlushforum.proboards104.com/

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Choosing where and why to establish limits

We’re often asked, on the blog, in forums and face-to-face, why, as moderately self-sufficient crofters, we do certain things and not others. Why do we not have a house cow? Why do we not make our own clothes?

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10 Gardening Blogs

For this month’s list of 10 blogs that I enjoy visiting, I’ve decided to turn my attention to gardening blogs. In no particular order, here are 10 of my favourites: This Garden Is Illegal Welsh Girl’s Allotment Growbags and Greenhouses Cold Climate Gardening Guerilla Gardening My Growing Passion Gardening While Intoxicated Hedgewizard’s Diary Mildew Scarecrow’s […]

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10 Rubbish Blogs

Yes, that’s right—10 rubbish blogs for my monthly, themed list of favourite blogs. Except that they’re not rubbish, but blogs about rubbish and reducing the amount of it that we produce. Fake Plastic Fish 365 Days of Trash My Zero Waste Junk The Rubbish Diet Everyday Trash Last Night’s Garbage Olympia Dumpster Divers Say No […]

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