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Life on a croft in Ness

In one of my forays around the web, seeking the blogs of other others who lead the crofting life, I turned up Sweeny’s Air on Lot, from Ness on the Isle of Lewis. Somehow I’ve missed the blog in the past, but here’s some of Sweeny’s background to give a taste: I have started up […]

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Thanks to JB for covering the cost of the diesel we’ve used on all the hospital trips this week and to Thin Fourth for the loan of a hard drive filled with movies to keep me away from the horrors of daytime television. Much appreciated. Thanks also to everyone who’s sent messages of support since […]

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Drooling over banana cake

I’m sitting at my desk, sipping black coffee, making phone calls to find buyers for our pigs and pork, and drooling as I do. I realise that almost certainly sounds like a strange thing to be doing, even allowing for the fact that I am both somewhat toothless and ageing. There is a more prosaic […]

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Too darn busy

While I have a backlog of photos to upload, notes for half a dozen posts and ideas for quite a few more, they’re not going to make it onto the blog at the moment. The sun has been shining, the ground is drying out (even if it’s still well below 5C) and I have 1001 […]

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Blame this on Raincoaster…

Raincoaster, a Canadian blogger who never fails to amuse me, is a serious collector of blog fillers. You know, the sort of rubbish you put on a blog when you have nothing to say, have completely run out of original thought, and are really scraping the bottom of the barrel of mediocre verbiage. She has […]

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