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Life on a croft in Ness

In one of my forays around the web, seeking the blogs of other others who lead the crofting life, I turned up Sweeny’s Air on Lot, from Ness on the Isle of Lewis. Somehow I’ve missed the blog in the past, but here’s some of Sweeny’s background to give a taste: I have started up […]

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Still posting after 20 years

I  started the Bowerbird Cafe, as this blog was originally known, in October 1993 using a Mac LC. Twenty years later, I’m still posting content to it. The computer has changed, the web host has changed, the world has changed and my hair is falling out, but the blog is still here. Bad habits are […]

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Updating rugby certifications

I’ve finished updating my rugby union certifications ready for next season: Laws of Rugby, Rugby Ready and First Aid in Rugby. I’m also well into the advance reading for the next unit in the certificate of sports coaching that I’m doing with the Open University. I  should take a break and do some real work. […]

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A visitor from America

After several hot, dry and dusty hours bashing weeds today, the Other Half and I nipped out to the village to buy some lemonade and a dinner treat as I didn’t feel like spending much time working over a hot stove. We’d only been back a few minutes when the OH said, “a car’s just […]

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