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Late night looks of desire

Come 10pm and the Other Half starts flashing me those late night looks of desire… No, not that sort of look! The “I’d love some really, really delicious baked goodies” look. I’m dispatched to the kitchen to prepare “something delicious”. Half an hour later, Her Majesty was served a huge pile of cinnamon, pecan and raisin scones, […]

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The remains of a batch of cinnamon rolls.

One thing leads to another

Yesterday evening, I read a Michael Didbin novel about Venetian detective Aurelio Zen. Reading about Italy reminded me of an Italian friend of mine, Franco. Thinking of Franco made me think of simple but good food.

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The window and window frame after their first top coat.

A bitsa of a day

I was awake at 5.30am today after a restless night thanks to my brain throwing up far too many ideas for short stories, character sketches and writing assignments. I remained in bed for a while, enjoying a moment of leisure, before leaping out of bed just before 6am, racing off to the shower for a […]

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Drooling over banana cake

I’m sitting at my desk, sipping black coffee, making phone calls to find buyers for our pigs and pork, and drooling as I do. I realise that almost certainly sounds like a strange thing to be doing, even allowing for the fact that I am both somewhat toothless and ageing. There is a more prosaic […]

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One layer cake with chocolate swirls, sir!

When the boys’ birthdays approach, we have a discussion about their birthday dinner and cake. After thrashing out a few ideas, they order their meal and I produce it. This year, the Wee ‘Un requested mince and tatties with lashings of tomato sauce and toast. For a cake, he asked for a double-layer vanilla cake […]

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