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A quick raid on the archives

We’ve been busy moving pig arcs, fences and pigs for the past two days, which is why activity has slowed on the blog. To keep things active without spending too much time writing, I’ve raided the archives again and, given the interest various people have shown in biscuits, I’ve pulled out two baking recipes. I […]

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Scotland doesn’t want ‘foreign’ teachers

I’m not usually a reader of the Daily Mail, but last week I happened to pick up a copy that someone had left lying on a bench behind the shops.One story in particular caught my eye. It said thousands of foreign teachers were being recruited to tackle staff shortages in Scotland. Given the Other Half’s […]

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The croft is ours!

We’ve had a telephone call from the estate agent to say that we’ve secured Stonehead Croft, sneaking in by just £500. It’s brilliant news, although we have to be wary of things going pear-shaped right up to the final exchange of missives, as they call it in Scotland. Still, it looks like our five-year search […]

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Off to look at another smallholding

The Other Half and I are going to look at a house in southern Scotland on Saturday. It’s called Whitehill and is at Crawick, Dumfries and Galloway, just outside Sanquhar. In a very strange coincidence, Sanquhar is where my six times great grandfather, William Bradfute, was from.

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House sale falls through again

The house sale has fallen through again, due mainly to the buyers’ solicitors. The solicitors have spent six weeks so far on the preliminaries and looked like taking at least the same again just to get contracts exchanged. (Our solicitor says a sale should get to contract exchange in 4-6 weeks here and go to […]

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