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Sometimes farmers are ‘mean’ to cows—to save them

I can’t see the following comments from a dairy farmer going down well with many people, whether the die-hard animal liberationists who bombard me (and others) with death threats or the wilfully ignorant who don’t want to know why certain actions are necessary during the production of food for their plate. Well this is awkward. […]

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Animal welfare laws hit European pig farming

Another story from the Guardian about the continuing decline of pig farming, not just in the UK but right across Europe. Consumers are being warned that the price of bacon will rise significantly next year as European producers quit the industry ahead of new laws governing animal welfare. The predicted decline in the number of […]

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Harvey at the run.

‘You’re so cruel to that poor dog!’

Harvey, our Border Terrier, and I went for our pre-lunch run today. We sped down the 400-stretch of road from the croft gate to the first bend. It always takes the dog that far to moderate his pace from “manic sprint” to “fast run”. The next 200 metres to the forestry field saw us settle […]

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A bloke sitting on the floor, right arm in a sling, removing a bolt with his left.

Needs must with piglets due

Delilah, one of our Berkshire sows, is due to farrow within the next seven to 10 days. However, I dismantled the farrowing pen in the byre to renovate it. I completed the renovations but was planning to refit the creep and trough last week. It wasn’t to happen. I dislocated and fractured my wrist, bringing […]

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Making the most of the sun

Goodbye to Doris

I’ve just come in from shooting Doris, one of the foundation sows of our Berkshire herd. Doris was an easy sow, had a good life on the croft and paid her way. She was a cracking pig. She was a little thin after she weaned her last litter of piglets in August. She hadn’t regained […]

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