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Harvey on a slightly less energetic walk than usual!

Harvey continues to need treatment

The vet has just been on the phone to give us an update on Harvey’s most recent blood tests. Harvey, our Border Terrier, definitely has Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). His haemoglobin levels continue to be depressed: 9.6 instead of the expected 16-18.

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Enjoying a well-earned pat.

Recovering, but still not fully well

Harvey, our Border Terrier, is continuing to recover from his brush with Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). I’d been taking him for increasingly long walks across and around the croft, but as his steroid treatment really kicked in he started to recover a lot of his former bounce. Today, I took the boys […]

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Harvey makes the most out of being unwell!

Harvey is unwell

Harvey, our Border Terrier, is unwell. In fact, he was seriously ill earlier in the week but is now considerably better although he’s still not in full health. On Tuesday, with the Other Half and the boys away visiting her parents in Dundee, Harvey and I had a normal morning of work. He was as […]

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