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Final batch of pigs leave the croft

We took our last two Berkshire pigs to the abattoir today, a job made more complicated by the death of one of the porkers, a last-minute change of abattoir and a last-minute change of butcher. Still, we got everything organised in the end and were up early to load the pigs today.

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A Berkshire boar snuffling in the grass and mud.

Culling our Berkshire pigs

The combination of ever rising costs and customer expectations of ever falling prices means we’ve started culling our herd of Berkshire pigs. Prices were up again when I paid the bill at the feed merchants today, necessitating a dip into our household savings and that’s unacceptable even though we have three porkers going through at […]

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The Wee 'Un removes the limbs from a felled spruce tree.

Junior forester at work

The Wee ‘Un at work removing limbs from a felled spruce tree. I’m thinning the windbreak above the vegetable patch, which brought him out kitted up and raring to go as forestry is one of his favourite jobs around the croft. Once I’d felled a tree, he’d move in with his pruning saw to tidy […]

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'You're not selling us, are you?'

Berkshire weaners for sale

We have five birth-notified Berkshire weaners for sale. The weaners will be 10 weeks old on Wednesday, 17 August. They were weaned at eight weeks, in line with the commercial organic standard of 56 days, will be wormed a week later and will have been entirely on solid feed for a fortnight when sold. There […]

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