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New rugby coaching post

I’ve landed a voluntary post as a rugby coach with Kemnay Academy in Aberdeenshire. It looks as if I’ll be taking their S1/2 team, although the details are to be confirmed. It should be good working with  PE teachers as they are trained in sports, fitness and coaching, don’t need to be persuaded to take […]

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A wave of cloud blows over the crest of the Hill of Foudland.

Cloud sweeps over Hill of Foudland

As I was wandering the croft this evening, camera in hand, I noticed a wave of cloud cresting the summit of the Hill of Foudland to the north of us. I had just enough time to capture a couple of frames before the cloud rolled down the Skirts of Foudland and obscured the view.

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The boys lark about with tubs of water—in March!

It’s March, isn’t it?

I thought we were still in March when I woke this morning: the third month of the year, the end of winter and the beginning of spring, a cool month in this part of Scotland. By 11am I was having second thoughts, perhaps we were really in May or even June as the sun shone […]

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The hill of Dunnideer beneath a cloudy night sky lit by city lights.

Dunnideer at night

An experimental shot of Dunnideer and its castle ruins at night with Bennachie on the right. The clouds behind the hill are illuminated by the lights of Inverurie and Aberdeen, giving them a weird orange glow. I took several 30 and 40-second exposures but this is the only one that was sharp enough to use. […]

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The view from just below the standing stones on the flank of Dunnideer.

Looking towards Insch

Blue skies are a good excuse for a walk, at least in our book, so the four of us plus Harvey, our Border Terrier, went for a jaunt from our croft to the neolithic standing stones on the western flank of Dunnideer. It was extremely windy and fairly cold so we didn’t go to the […]

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