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Businesses and computers drive me mental!

After many months we’ve finally removed almost all our banking from the appalling Santander, formerly known as Abbey. However, there have been the inevitable glitches as numerous direct debits and standing orders are moved from Santander to our new bank. Most of the glitches have been sorted with ease but a few have run onto […]

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The Abbey hassles continue

Despite it now being a couple of months since Abbey stopped out bank accounts and several weeks since the problems were allegedly fixed, things continue to go wrong. We received a letter from Abbey Insurance in this morning’s post, saying that our October direct debit had been missed. I phoned Abbey Insurance and was told […]

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What is Abbey up to?

The postman has just delivered two letters, including one from Abbey about opening our new bank account after the problems we’d had with the old one. The Abbey letter has left me somewhat bemused. First, the letter is dated September 7 and it is now 16 September.

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Another stuff up with Abbey

Our contact in Abbey’s Executive Complaints Department phoned yesterday to say she hoped our troubles with our blocked bank account were sorted. She said a new current account had been set up, new cards had been put in the post, our direct debits are in the process of being moved from the old account to the […]

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Abbey still causing problems

Twenty days on from stopping our bank accounts due to suspicious activity, Abbey has still not restored access to our money. To make matters worse, people and businesses that we owe money to are increasingly suspicious that we’re making excuses for an inability to pay our bills. I’m getting increasingly infuriated by the situation.

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