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Final batch of pigs leave the croft

We took our last two Berkshire pigs to the abattoir today, a job made more complicated by the death of one of the porkers, a last-minute change of abattoir and a last-minute change of butcher. Still, we got everything organised in the end and were up early to load the pigs today.

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Finishing with pigs isn’t straightforward

Our final three pigs are within two weeks of their target weight, which means booking them into the abattoir for slaughter and butchering. I didn’t anticipate any problems as we’ve used Millers of Speyside for some time now, as one of their USPs is that they offer a “complete smallholder service” with animals killed, butchered […]

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A Berkshire boar snuffling in the grass and mud.

Culling our Berkshire pigs

The combination of ever rising costs and customer expectations of ever falling prices means we’ve started culling our herd of Berkshire pigs. Prices were up again when I paid the bill at the feed merchants today, necessitating a dip into our household savings and that’s unacceptable even though we have three porkers going through at […]

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Livestock slaughter by throat cutting rises

I was browsing the agriculture sections of assorted newpapers when I found a story on the Guardian about a rise in the numbers of livestock having their throats cut while conscious. A senior vet has spoken out against the “unacceptable” rise in the number of farm animals slaughtered by having their throats cut while fully […]

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Invoice for the slaughter and butchering of two pigs.

£93.70 to kill a pig

The invoice from Millers of Speyside for slaughtering and butchering our most recent batch of Berkshire pigs arrived in this morning’s post. The slaughter charge was £48.00. The QMS levy was £2.52, plus VAT.

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