A variety of cakes and sweets set out on a coffee table.

I’ve started indexing all the recipes on the bog after several readers said they’d found it difficult to locate specific ones amid 18 years of posts, even with the aid of the Search facility and the Category menu.

The index will follow the conventions of most cookbooks in terms of recipe categorisation, although I have broken out festive food into a separate category to help people looking for something to celebrate a special occasion.

With more than 200 recipes to index, the project is going to take some time and it will be fairly basic in presentation. For now.

All recipes are © Dennis Johnstone 1994-2012. People are free to use them in their home kitchens, but please do not reproduce them or use them commercially without express, written permission.

Festive food
Christmas biscuits Mincemeat (v1) Mincemeat (v2)
Mincemeat (v3) Mince pies
Baking and breads
Apple loaf Apple pockets Apple turnovers
Bannocks Bread without an oven Butterscotch biscuits
Cherry loaf Chocolate chip cookies Fruit bomb muffins
Fruit cake Fruit scones (v1) Fruit scones (v2)
Lemon biscuits Lemon fairy cakes Oatcakes
Quick naan bread Soda crackers Soda scones (aka biscuits)
Sticky buns Vanilla sponge cake
Baked eggs Cheesy potato cakes Friar’s omelette
Hash browns ‘Spanish’ eggs (aka Mock Duck) Soda scones (aka biscuits)
Desserts and puddings
Bitsa pudding Chocolate crackles Chocolate fridge cake
Chocolate hazelnut cream pie Chocolate nut cheesecake Chocolate torte
Hasty pudding Italian flavours no-bake cake No-bake chocolate praline cake
Pot au chocolat Quick chocolate pudding Rice pudding
Rum mocha cheesecake Ultimate chocolate trifle Vanilla kissel
Elderflower drink Elderberry wine Lovage cordial
Mangel ale Mulled wine Nettle ale
Scrumpy (alcoholic cider) Spiced potato wine
Baked eggs Egg salad with sour cream dressing ‘Spanish’ eggs (aka Mock Duck)
Pasta with broccoli and anchovies
Jams and Preserves
Apple ‘jam’ (aka preserved apple filling) Blackcurrant jam Blueberry and apple jam
Gooseberries in syrup Plum and apple jam Rhubarb and almond jam
Rhubarb and ginger jam Strawberry jam Three-berry jam (v1)
Three-berry jam (v2)
Aussie burgers Boiled pork Chicken and red lentil curry
Chinese-style pork trotters Curing a ham Goan-style pork curry
Lamb and potato pie Lamb curry Lamb fritters
Lamb shank soup Pasta al coniglio (pasta with rabbit) Pasta with pork and peas
Pork goulash Pork pie Pot-roast chicken
Roast mutton Sausage pie Steamed lamb
Pickles and chutneys
Chow-chow (v1) Chow-chow (v2) Cucumber pickle
Green tomato and banana chutney Onion and green pepper relish Pickled baby beets
Pickled garlic Pickled onions (v1) Pickled onions (v2)
Pomodori verdi marinati (aka pickled green tomatoes) Chutney with a kick (v1) Spicy green tomato chutney (v2)
Green tomato sauce Hot horseradish sauce
Beef and barley soup Brose Cabbage soup
Chicken brose Haddock chowder Lamb shank soup
Minestrone Pea soup Sorrel soup
Tattie soup (aka potato soup) Vegetable soup
Creamed parsnip soup Curried potatoes and neep greens Gratin dauphinois
Nettle pasta Red potato pie Tomato and sweet pepper pasta
Skirlie mirlie

All recipes © Dennis Johnstone, please do not not copy or reproduce without permission.

2 Responses to “Recipes”

  1. Yikes! That’s a long list of recipes and I’m nowhere near done.


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    [...] Berries for great recipes and real life content, not just cooking;. Of course you could also go to Musings from Stonehead or The Foragers Year two great sites that seem to have almost accidentally added a great selection [...]

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