We run a small mixed flock of chickens, keeping eight to 10 ISA Browns for eggs and 20-30 rare breed Scots Greys for breeding. We’re focusing on utility for our Scots Greys so our breeding programme aims to re-develop their original dual-purpose focus on eggs and meat.

We do NOT have hatching eggs or chickens for sale at this point, as we’re concentrating on developing our own flock to build numbers up to about 40 good quality Scots Grey hens. This is not likely to change for some time as the small gene pool and small numbers make it difficult to breed sufficient quality hens for our own needs, much less anyone else’s.

Stonehead’s Guides to Keeping Chickens

Keeping chickens: basics

Keeping chickens: the site

Keeping chickens: housing

Keeping chickens: the run

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3 Responses to “Chickens”

  1. Hi I am looking for a few Scots Grey bantam hens and a cock, or large birds so that I can establish a flock. Do you have any pointers to anyone with any surplus birds from a productive flock?
    I am based near Stirling.
    Many thanks

  2. I really enjoyed these articles. The neighbours at my parent’s farm have recently started keeping chickens for eggs and I walk past them daily on my way to feed the horses. I wouldn’t have thought myself as someone who would hold any particular affection for these birds, but the sounds of their scuffling and contented little “bwwwaak”s have become my new favourite sounds! They are beautiful creatures that I’ve become very fond of and have a lot of respect for.

  3. My first Scots Grey eggs have just hatched and I now have 4 chicks. Is it possible to tell the sex this early as one of them does appear to be greyer in colour than the others, but as they’re still all cute and fluffy I’m not sure if it’s just wishful thinking on my part so far.

    Thank you for all the fantastic information on your site, I’m hoping to breed my hens eventually and am looking foward to sampling the meat too come the time when I have enough of them.

    Do you have any advice on breeding from related birds? I’m not sure how related mine are as I bought eggs and don’t know the parentage.


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