The Stonehead Pigs in 2011

Posts about our Berkshire pigs in 2011.

Customers demand unrealistic assurances

Pair of Berkshire growers for sale (January 2011)

Moon pig (Gus by moonlight)

Now where do we get our pigs slaughtered? (Abattoir stops delivering)

‘Is £350 reasonable for an in-pig sow?’

Will customers pay more for pigs and pork? (Rising input costs, January 2011)

Shh, I’m contemplating…

Should I let a sleeping pig lie…

Conversations between pigs

Porkers are almost ready

Mucking out Delilah (Cleaning the farrowing pen)

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Pig priorities: ‘Does he have buckets?’

Shock intervention by Two-Legs ruins play (Pigs and troughs)

‘Where do I find your pig information?’ (Guide to finding pig posts on the blog)

Farrowing in progress (Daphne, February 2011)

‘Oi, Two-Legs, I need a walk!’ (Delilah tires of the farrowing pen)

Now the butcher stops doing our pigs

Calculating the cost of pork

It’s a little anxious to be a very small animal…

I must heed Business Studies 101 (Economics of pigs and pork)

‘Quick, Mum’s gone, let’s go!’

Loading pigs for the abattoir run

‘I was hoping to get them cheaper…’

If it’s what customers want…

Eight piglets die in 12 hours (Delilah farrows)

Freedom for sow can be death for piglets

Consumers do think pigs have wings

‘It was Mum! She made the mess!’

What does £160 buy? (Our boxed pork)

Daphne walks on a piglet

Berkshire piglets at large

Injured piglet still hanging on

Caution: piglets at work

Census collector knows his pigs

Weaning approaches, cancellations begin

Prices can’t stay lower than costs for long

Berkshires at six weeks old

Seven Berkshire piglets weaned

‘Oi! Two-Legs! Where’s breakfast?’

Weaner sales progressing as usual

Berkshire weaners for sale (May 2011)

Pedigree Pork available (May 2011)

Time for a change of scene (Moving piglets)

‘EEEEEEEEEEEK!’ (Re-tagging a sow)

Tougher approach upsets potential customers

The joys of selling pork

Time for games

Eight live piglets, four dead (Doris farrows, June 2011)

Three more piglets die

Sow tears piglet’s ear

Predator has piglet for dinner

The very picture of contentment

Welsh pigs clear land

Lopear is making progress

A piglet’s gotta do…

Pig muck to power farm

Stuck! (Piglets in trouble)

Berkshire weaners for sale (August 2011)

Abattoir costs rise, again

Two pigs for the abattoir

Pedigree Pork ready now (August 2011)

£93.70 to kill a pig

5 Responses to “The Stonehead Pigs in 2011”

  1. Hello.
    Any news on the new additions?

    • Give me a chance! There’s a lot more to do than post on the blog. I’ve put a couple of quick comments on the blog and one or two tweets on Twitter. And I hope to get some more photos on the blog later this evening.

      • It’s great seeing the photos of the little ones! Thanks for posting them. But they do seem so small. Quite a worry for you. If they are born early do they take longer to reach slaughter weight? I hope they all get through this anxious time.

      • We’ve had one previous premature litter and the two survivors did reach slaughter weight on time.

        As for Daphne’s litter, she’s an excellent sow in terms of milking. Her piglets always thrive and are a hefty size when weaned. The surviving piglets from this litter have already doubled in size, so there’s a good chance they will continue to grow well.

  2. Well that must be reassuring for you. And for her litter. I don’t suppose your other sow has farrowed yet? A tough time ahead but I love hearing about all the happenings on your croft!!! I (naively) had not heard of a Goshawk! We have chickens too and I’m sure there would be such hawks where we are! One to look out for! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for all the Berkshires……

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