The Stonehead pigs in 2010

Posts about our Berkshire pigs in 2010.

Three porker boars gone

‘You don’t need to worm’ (Why and how we worm our pigs)

A quick guide to Oinkese (Talking pig)

A hazard of the job (One of the many dangers of farming)

Should I call ours ‘micropigs’?

Berkshire weaners for sale (January 2010)

Can you feel the cold?

Appalling lack of skills and care

More realism needed on pig prices

‘You don’t need to worm’

Three porker boars gone

Feeding hand-reared piglets

What have we here? (Daphne farrows, February 2010)

Neither a prophet nor a masseur of egos (Pigs are not a factory made product)

‘It’s just a bit of snow…’

£25 and I’ll reply faster (Anwering pig queries)

Piglet taken ill(Mystery ailment strikes piglets, March 2o10)

Another occupational hazard

Sick piglet dies

Second piglet taken ill

Waiting for the vet

Piglet is deteriorating

Piglet collapsed, had to shoot it

Piglet autopsies prove inconclusive

Piglets have veterinary lab puzzled

Still no definitive results on dead piglets

Lab can’t isolate infective agent

The wait continues (Results of lab tests on dead piglets)

Outside at last

Fencing additional pig pens

Treating an infected eye

Feeding pigs

Something doesn’t add up (Costs of pig keeping, June 2010)

Growing fast and well

“ ‘ello gorgeous…” (Wallows)

Curing a ham

The dumb blonde of Berkshires…

‘More rubs, Mrs Two-Legs!’

Time to come inside

No, we’re not at the Turriff Show

Farrowing: a long day’s work (Doris farrows, (August 2010)

Quiet, pigs at work

‘Can’t find us!’

How not to sell your pigs

Growing fast and looking for buyers (Weaners for sale, August 2010)

I really should just take the money…

Where did all the grass go?

‘No, they’re not cheaper’

Abattoir acts to discourage private slaughter

Doris, the artist’s model


Not the best of litters (Daisy farrows, October 2010)

Goodbye to Graham (Culling our senior boar)

Growing well despite the cold (Berkshires in temperatures of -20C)

Berkshire gilts for sale (December 2010)

‘Are you sure this is my best side?’

‘Is it him? Is it?’ (Piglets have Christmas, too)


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