The Stonehead pigs in 2009

‘You should…’ (Responding to the people who tell us “you should”)

Into the red (Pig finances)

‘Hmm, what’s out there?’ (A wandering boar)

‘I want a breeding sow’

And he runs a business… (Pig costs again)

Another day, another three no shows (Customers who aren’t)

Pigs—the latest consumer fantasy

It’s show time!

Back from the Turriff Show

How much is that piggy? (Costing pigs, July 2009)

Another day, another no show

Weaner prices (July 2009)

Altogether now… “Ooooooh!” (Daphne’s litter aged five days)

Daphne delivers first litter (June 2009)

Without provenance it’s just a pig

Treating a punctured trotter

Berkshire club’s Scottish representative

Daphne approaches first farrowing

How not to feed pigs…

Pigs, pigs and more pigs

Cooling off

A good litter despite the problems

Seven piglets so far (Delilah farrows, May 2009)

Waiting for Delilah to farrow

Invited back to the Turriff Show

‘But it’s the latest fashion…’ (Moving Delilah to the farrowing pen)

Graham is lame

‘Your pigs are a threat to the human race!’ (Yes, swine flu)

Slavering Hog Beasts!

Snoozing in the sun

‘Watcha doin’ Two-Legs?’

Two-Legs wants a photo (Piglets at play)

Tagged and ready to go

Daisy farrows (April 2009)

Numbers, numbers, numbers (Input costs)

‘Name your price’

Market price for weaners

‘Oi! Two-legs! Where’s breakfast?’

We are not a designer pig boutique

Daisy comes in

Getting hands on with farrowing

Time for a rub

Racing piglets

The ugly side of nature (losing a piglet to crows)

Doris gets a house with a view (rotating fields)

A change of scene (rotating fields)

A jumble of piglets

There’s nothing like a good drink… (watering pigs in icy weather)

Piglets being farrowed (Doris farrows, February 2009)

‘Beware the Piglet Catcher!’

Doris gets what she wants (readying a sow for farrowing)

Berkshire weaners for sale (January 2009)

Checking out the new des res (Dolores’s new home)

Hacking open an ice-bound gate—with help! (Trouble getting Gus out)

Farewell Dolores

Virtual Pigs are filling out nicely

New regulations to meet

More ‘customer’ hassles


2 Responses to “The Stonehead pigs in 2009”

  1. We are looking to buy weaners end of Febuary into March, would you have any around this time for sale.


  2. We have two gilts and a boar, aged 12 weeks, available now, £50 each.

    We have a sow that will farrow in the next 48 hours and hers will be available in 10 weeks time. However, you should never count your piglets before they’re weaned!

    If you use the Contact Us form, you can send me an email directly.

    We in Aberdeenshire, Scotland by the way. I say that because we get a lot of message from people in the US, Canada and the south of England.

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