The Stonehead pigs in 2008

Eight of Daisy’s piglets watch the world go by

Posts about the Stonehead Berkshire pigs during 2008:

Moving house, the tough part

Moving house, the easy part

‘I want to keep one in my flat’

A difficult farrowing (Daisy, 16 August 2008)

The monthly cute animals photo

Berkshire weaners for sale (12 August 2008)

Meet ‘Lucky’

The latest litter of Berkshires (Dolores’s farrowing in pictures)

Piglet weights

Piglets arriving at last (Dolores farrows, 10 August 2008)

I had a cunning plan… (how we prepared for the Turriff Show)

Berkshire pigs at the Turriff Show

Champion animals, champion boys

Super-sized pig

Bofur on the road to recovery

Injured pig

Designing a marketing brochure

It's hard work being an old boar!

Happy as a pig in mud

Piglet growth

Gain a little…

Vigilance essential with piglets

Switching places

Nipper is definitely going in the pot

Show preparations

Rehearsing for their starring roles…

Little farmer at work

Piglet weights

Doris farrows (13 June 2008, photos)

Doris farrowing (13 June 2008, early post, no photos)

Farrowing imminent

Four days to go…

Eating is such an effort…

Daisy enjoys the sun

Contented sows

Porkers move fields

Contented sows

Invited to the Turriff Show

In the media (again)

Two boars gone

Three Berkshire gilts for sale again

Different look, different flavour

Useful tools—feeding pigs

Limewashing the farrowing pen

Crunch time

But boars are too dangerous!

Berkshire weaners for sale (available 17/18 May 2008)

Delilah and her piglets move outside

Moving pig arcs by hand

Paperwork and regulations

More Berkshires in the snow

Berkshires in the snow

All doing well (Delilah’s March 2008 litter)

More piglets emerging

Piglet weights

Another one (Delilah’s farrowing continues)

Piglets, Beavers and Cubs

Delilah farrowing (13 March 2008)

Five weaners gone now

The abbatoir run

Delilah moves in to the farrowing pen

Notching and tagging weaners

Cleaning a pig pen

Weaning Daisy’s litter

Deciding when to slaughter

Weighing pigs

Is Waitrose Berkshire pork what it claims to be?

Feed prices rise again

Private slaughter outside an abattoir

Doing the pig shuffle

“I’ll have that!” (short video of two Berkshires)

The importance of pig bedding

Daisy’s litter moves outside


Pigs and boys

Halfpint’s time is up

Daisy’s litter

Three weaner boars for sale

Daisy farrows (2 January 2008)


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