The Stonehead Pigs in 2007

A Berkshire sow on the verge of farrowing

Posts about the Stonehead Berkshire pigs during 2007:

Moving pigs around the fields, part 2

Moving pigs around the fields, part 1

Daisy due to farrow soon

Piglets for sale, ready New Year 2008

Doris’ litter moves outside

Dolores farrows (13 November 2007)

Daisy - aka Dittisham SuzanneSix of Delilah’s weaners move to pastures new

Almost time to leave – Delilah’s litter change to dry feed

Midwife at a difficult birth – Doris farrows

Delilah’s weaners back on sale again

Doris nears farrowing date

No, I won’t sell piglets for £10 each

Daisy suffers a serious bite

Berkshire weaners in the snowDaisy joins the herd in the field

How to make your pigs happy

Daisy settles in

Collecting Daisy

Preparing to collect Daisy

Delilah’s litter available for sale (All sold)

Good news for Graham

My pig is farrowing, what do I do?

Feeding potatoes to pigs

Spoiled rotten

The price of pork

Delilah and her litter of Berkshires move outside

Vet needed to treat lame piglet

Rocket, a Berkshire porker, goes to slaugher

Berkshire piglets at two days old

Delilah starts farrowing (4 September 2007)

Delilah brought into the byre for farrowing

The price of meat

Rush to get a porker booked for slaughter

We’re offered a champion boar, but…

Training for Scottish would-be pig keepers

Delilah grows too big for the farrowing arc

Getting the bio-security message across

Walkers need to be more responsible on livestock farms

Delilah approaches her earliest farrowing date

Our boys watch the pigs feedingFeeding pigs

Dolores’s pregnancy turns out to be a phantom one

Three Berkshire weaners remaining to be sold

An animal welfare officer does an inspection

Berkshire weaners for sale

Buyers try it on

Pigs move out to their summer quarters

Weaning the Berkshires

Doris and her litter move outsideDoris’s litter of Berkshires move outside

Doris farrows 10 from 10

Doris ready to farrow

Weaners head to Orkney

Two weaners sold, eight to go

Transporting weaners in the family car

Cross-breed weaners for sale

Pig identification in Scotland

Cleaning pig transport

Ginger leaves for Raasay

A litter of Berkshire/Tamworth crosses

Moving a litter from the rearing pen to their outside pen

Moving piglets from the farrowing pen to the rearing pen


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