How to…

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Home brew (excepting cider)

Make your own cider


Energy conservation


Gather, cut and split wood for the fire

Dealing with vermin

Manage woodland and trees

Choosing, using and maintaining tools

Pig husbandry

Rear poultry

Prepare rabbits

Grow vegetables

Prepare and preserve vegetables

Make things from salvage

Assemble a Winther Kangaroo Bike

Building maintenance

Servicing a BCS 715 two-wheel tractor (Intermotor 1 IM350 4-stroke petrol engine)

Maintain a 1990 Land Rover Defender 300TDi

There are more posts like these on the blog (follow the How To link the Categories list in the right-hand column), so I’ll gradually link these to this page to make them easier to find.

6 Responses to “How to…”

  1. The time has come at last for me to start bumping off the chickens. I’m intending to wring their necks, but the description on eHow is too vague – any chance you could lay it on the line?

  2. I’ll try to get something written up in the next day or two. I do have a draft somewhere, but don’t think I took photos last time. And the two cockerels I have waiting for Christmas are still a little small to be dispatched now, so it will probably have to be photo free for now.

    Oh, and I prefer to use a hand-held humane dispatcher. People with weaker hands would probably prefer a wall-mounted one. I’ve used a hatchet before (which does need a bit of skill if you’re not going to make a mess or injure yourself), a knife and a killing cone (needs a lot of skill to do it correctly), and I’ve wrung their neck (but you really need someone to actually demonstrate this and I only do it as a last resort anyway).

  3. Hey Stonehead,

    I can’t find the “search” field to search your blog… It used to be at the top of your blog. Is this intentional? Searching by topic seems quite a bit more unwieldy, at least for me.

    I also miss the “about” statement that that you had posted before your organizational theme changed. Guess I kinda liked it…

    Take care.

  4. The search box was moved down to between Recent Comments and the Calendar, but I’ve moved it back up again. We’ll see if anyone has a problem with it being back at the top.

    It does mean I’ll have to trim back the number of Top Posts and Recents Post to four each instead of six though. I’ll leave the Comments at six as it gives a better spread of comments.

    As for the About sidebar, it’s not available in the new theme so I’ve incorporated the information into the Hard Place page.

  5. I’ve considered getting chickens. But that’s more time then I want spend on food. Plus I want to become a vegetarian hahahah. Your blog is really informative. I’ll be checking back if I need help on something.

  6. This is the first time I have noticed these tabs. Very helpful. Thanks!

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