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Boiler fault gets me hot under the collar

Last winter, we had a Worcester Bosch Camray 18/25 external oil boiler fitted to run the central heating and provide us with hot water. The boiler has proved to be faster than the old one when it comes heating the house and water, although there’s no sign of an improvement in oil consumption. Nonetheless, until […]

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@£#$%&# rain!

We’ve had rain and low temperatures for weeks. Yesterday was cool but dry. The temperature even made it into double figures—11ºC. The grass and hard standing dried off to some degree. This morning, the sun broke through for a time and with the hard standing dry I decided to fit a new handbrake cable to […]

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Businesses and computers drive me mental!

After many months we’ve finally removed almost all our banking from the appalling Santander, formerly known as Abbey. However, there have been the inevitable glitches as numerous direct debits and standing orders are moved from Santander to our new bank. Most of the glitches have been sorted with ease but a few have run onto […]

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