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Pig farmer makes the fashion pages

There’s hope for me yet. The Guardian’s Fashion Sections runs a regular Weekender feature, which this week features pig farmer Rob Leamon. Weekender: Rob Leamon, 56, pig farmer ”The best thing is being my own boss.’ Leather Bottle Farm was bought by my parents in the late 50s. They started off with six sows, now […]

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Sunset—with extra wind turbines.

Who put those there?

A couple of weeks ago, I did the evening chores, strolled up to the top of the hill, enjoyed the sunset and muttered about how annoying it was to find my fractured wrist ruled out photography with the dSLR. I started to do the same thing the following day, only to be stopped in my […]

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A view over the Grampian as the last of the daylight fades.

Day’s end

Not one of my better images, thanks to poor light, no tripod and a high ISO, but I wanted to show the day’s end from the top of our hill. I fed the pigs, locked the chickens up and was taking Harvey, our Border Terrier, out for a quick session of ‘find the rabbits’ when […]

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Striped cloud formations coloured red, orange and yellow by the rising sun.

Striped dawn

We were late for rugby this morning. A major part of the reason was the sunrise. When I went out to feed the pigs, with plenty of time to spare, I discovered the sky was spectacularly striped by a combination of cloud formations and the light of the rising sun. Feed the pigs and get […]

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A typical sunrise behind Dunnideer and Bennachie.

Snow erases the sunrise

As I was putting the boys on the school bus this morning, I noticed that not only did we had a beautiful sunrise but there was also a snowstorm blowing in from the west. I decided to see if I could capture the moment when the two events coincided. By the time I brought the […]

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