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The potatoes were earthed up for the first time today.

Earthing up

About two-thirds of our potatoes have finally come through, enabling me to earth them up for the first time today. The long, cool and overcast spring make it unlikely we’ll have new potatoes to eat at the end of this month or even before mid-July but, fingers crossed, we hope to lift first ones in […]

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The Wee 'Un waters lettuce and spinach.

Good and bad in the veg patch

We’ve had another long, sunny day that’s seen me out catching up on many jobs. When the boys arrived home from school, they were roped in too with the Wee ‘Un put to work in the vegetable patch. He hoed several beds, then watered all of them.

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The first potato shoot emerges.

First potato shoot emerges

It’s late, but the first potato shoot has emerged in the vegetable patch. The cool, wet spring weather has set growth back several weeks, but three days of sunshine and warmer temperature have given the plants a kick start. Now for the rest of them.

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Caution: Garden gnome at work. The OH helps with planting out.

Planting out at last

With the weather finally starting to warm up and the sun breaking through, the Other Half and I have started planting out. Normally, we’d sow the seeds of early germinating, cool climate plants, such as lettuce and some brassicae, in late March or early April. At the same time, we’d sow the seeds of less […]

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Horseradish, mud, rain and a feral bloke: not the most tempting combination!

Anyone for horseradish?

I spent most of the day working outside in rain, sleet, wind and cold. Not surprisingly, by late afternoon I found myself thinking of warming food. I looked down and realised I was right next to the horseradish bed. Excellent. I dug up a large handful of roots to be processed and bottled. I’ll set […]

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