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Being a student has advantages

I’ve found a major advantage to being a student. The Co-op has started offering a 10% discount on groceries sold to students with NUS cards. As I have a student card and we have a Co-op supermarket in our village, it makes it worthwhile to shop there instead of traipsing 20 miles to nearest big-name […]

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Insulation goes in

Insulation is being injected into the walls of the wrap-around extension today. I wasn’t expecting the installers , but they had a cancellation in Aberdeen and phoned to ask if they could do us instead. As if I was going to say no. I’m hoping it will overcome some of the temperature imbalance caused by […]

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The boys take a break after stripping turf off the site of a new bed,=.

Making slow progress

At this time of year, especially with the mild weather we’ve had for the past two months, I’d expect to have almost all the vegetable beds ready for planting and to have made a start on planting the most hardy crops. This year, thanks to my fractured wrist and the re-organisation of the vegetable patch, […]

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The boys slide the grill out and check their pork chops.

Never too young for self-reliance

At 5pm I called the boys out to the kitchen. ‘Well,’ I said to them, ‘your mum and I are having leftovers for dinner. There’s not enough for you, so what are you going to do?’ They looked at me, then at each other. ‘I’ve thawed two chops, they’re in the refrigerator if you want […]

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Nosing into compost buckets

A survey has discovered that slop buckets, or compost buckets as we know them is this household, don’t smell. Well, doh, that’s obvious. It’s the contents that smell! Even then, it’s only if the bucket is badly managed and not emptied often. More seriously, though, I was interested to read that many people waste just […]

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