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The Wee 'Un moves in on a chocolate-banana smoothie.

Stonehead smoothies

The Stonehead boys are extremely active, doing a weekly round that mixes circuit training, rugby drills, swimming, mountain biking and running with crofting chores and all the other things that active youngsters get up to. The downside is they’re voracious eaters who need to be fed well and often to meet the needs of growing […]

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Pizza with anchovies and olives.

Pizza? Coming right up!

The Big Lad was off school today with a headache and fever. While he was lying on the sofa this morning, curled up with his book, he started musing to himself about his favourite foods. He wasn’t aware I was listening, even though I was close by repairing a door frame. When he mentioned “pizza“, […]

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A plate of pasta with slices of fennel sausage, topped with a tomato and olive sauce.

Pasta with tomatoes, garlic and sausage

Tonight, we had pasta with tomatoes, olives and fennel sausages for tea. The fennel sausages, made yesterday, were poached for 25 minutes, then skinned and sliced. The sauce was made with a diced onion, minced garlic, pasata, a tub of garlic olives we found on special in the supermarket, dried basil and minced parsely. Simple […]

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The remains of a batch of cinnamon rolls.

One thing leads to another

Yesterday evening, I read a Michael Didbin novel about Venetian detective Aurelio Zen. Reading about Italy reminded me of an Italian friend of mine, Franco. Thinking of Franco made me think of simple but good food.

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New recipes section

Several readers have complained it’s difficult to find specific recipes on the blog, even when using the Search facility or the Categories menu. To make it easier, I’ve started a new recipes section that’s accessible via the top menu bar. The section is very basic at the moment and is by no means comprehensive—there are […]

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