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Unseasonally warm

When I woke and made my way to the kitchen this morning, I was surprised by how warm it felt. I checked the thermometer in the kitchen, which revealed the overnight low outside was 10ºC and it was 17ºC inside. Later, as I was getting ready for the 2.5-mile walk to the village Post Office, […]

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The first snow of the season can still be seen on the Hill of Foudland.

First snowfall of the season

When I woke at 6am, it was cold in our bedroom even though the heating came on an hour earlier. I suspected I’d see a hard frost when I looked out the back door, much as we’ve had for the past three days with temperatures down to -4C overnight. I was wrong. I didn’t see […]

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Snow on the croft—quite a change after March's warm spell.

Normal weather resumes

The house felt a little cold when I woke this morning. Not bitterly cold, but definitely colder than the 14ºC we’ve experienced over the past fortnight thanks to the warm spell that saw outside temperatures scrape above 20ºC on several occasions. I wandered out the back door, expecting cloud and perhaps rain. Instead, I found […]

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The boys lark about with tubs of water—in March!

It’s March, isn’t it?

I thought we were still in March when I woke this morning: the third month of the year, the end of winter and the beginning of spring, a cool month in this part of Scotland. By 11am I was having second thoughts, perhaps we were really in May or even June as the sun shone […]

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A cold sunrise over the croft.

It’s warm, or so I hear

I was surprised this morning when I heard BBC Radio 4 proclaim a warm end to 2011. In fact, I was so surprised I picked up the camera, put on multiple layers of clothes, slipped into my overtrousers and jacket, wrapped a scarf around my neck, popped my woolly hat on, went outside and crunched […]

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