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Qualified as sports first aider

I earned my First Aid at Work (Sports) Certificate today. The course was traightforward, with the instructor commenting, “you’ve clearly done this before” when I was doing CPR. Yes, I snog a dummy on a regular basis.  (I’d better hope the Other Half doesn’t read this!!!) The course, organised by Aberdeenshire Council’s Active Schools Network was […]

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First aid is not mollycoddling

Why the disdain for appropriate first aid in children’s rugby? Our youngest boy was stepped on today, with a stud pushed between the tibialis posterior and the flexor digitorum longus on his right foot. The person coaching told him to get up and play on, then went on with the match. Donnchadh tried to get […]

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Support the Count Me In Campaign

I’m not one for pushing causes via my blog, but I’ll make an exception for the St Andrew’s First Aid Count Me In campaign.

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Alarums and excursions

  Asleep. Light flashes on my eyelids. Start. Awake. Idling engine. Diesel. Remember I left windows open. Remember farm thefts. Our area. Past week. Late at night. I leap out of bed, vault into the jeans I’d carefully set out at the end of the bed, race through to the hall and jump into my […]

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Not as bad as it looked

When I walked out the back door early this evening, on my way to feed the pigs, I found myself in a thick cloud of smoke. For a few seconds, I thought one of our neighbours was burning leaves in his incinerator but realised the wind was coming from the wrong direction and the smoke […]

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