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Stonehead’s goal setting exercise

I have to do a goal setting exercise for my Open University course, so here goes. The model: Outcome goals: the desired target. Process goals: the measureable means of getting to the outcome goal. Outcome goal: Cup of coffee. Five minutes. The Stonehead interpretation: Process goal 1: Get up from chair and leave snug. 5 […]

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Too serious about child protection?

As part of my rugby coaching CPD I did a “safeguarding and protecting children” this evening. The course, run by Aberdeenshire Council and Sport Scotland, was useful for the most part, although the instructor wasn’t exactly up to speed with technology. I was surprised, though, when a teacher sitting next to me commented that I […]

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Coaching as a process

As part of the first assignment for the second year of study towards my Certificate of Higher Education in Sport, Fitness and Management, I have to describe the “skills needed to be effective in sport and fitness roles”. I quickly decided , with just 700 words and two other elements to include in that count, it […]

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Support the Count Me In Campaign

I’m not one for pushing causes via my blog, but I’ll make an exception for the St Andrew’s First Aid Count Me In campaign.

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Done, dusted and delivered

I submitted the final assignment for the first module of my BSc (Hons) Sport, Fitness and Coaching last night. I now have five months to catch up on the outstanding croft work, house refurbishment, Land Rover refurbishment and this blog. But, before I start, I’m giving myself a day off. If anyone reading this is considering […]

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