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Border terrier sleeping upside down on a beanbag

‘It’s all too much…’

Harvey the terrier goes flat out with a ball Speeding and spinning and jumping a wall His eyes are agleam… Wait ’tis but a dream For Harvey’s asleep on a bag in a sprawl.

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Why dogs need humans

I picked up the wood buckets. Harvey’s ears pricked, then he shot to his feet, tail wagging, and followed me to the back door. I walked out to the woodshed, with Harvey right on my heels. As I sawed and split extra wood to replace the pieces I was going to use, Harvey sat and […]

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Who’s in charge here?

The dog spent the past hour or so dozing in the other room, lying on his beanbag with the sun shining along his back. I was in the snug, intent on my academic studies. Suddenly, Harvey was in the snug, tapping me on the leg with a paw and giving me the “woe is me” […]

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The Big Lad and Harvey at bed time.

It’s a dog’s life

“Whatever you do Pack Brother, don’t get up and go to bed.”

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Dog sleeping on tiles being grouted

‘But I’m comfortable’

I’m attempting to clean the remaining grout film off the tiled floor, but Harvey has decided the tiles are a good spot for a lie down. He was quite comfortable on his beanbag in the sitting room, until I set to work and then he decided the hard floor was a much better spot to […]

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