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Tough job means new saw

I bought myself an oscillating power saw, which is the first new tool I’ve had for a while and it’s proving quite useful. I bought it because I’m working on the kitchen ceiling, which turns out to be made from 12mm plywood and therefore not easily cut or sawn while in situ. I could have […]

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Move furniture, find a new job

The Other Half is not in favour of the weights bench, barbell, dumbbells and other exercise kit being placed in front of the sitting room window. I agreed to move them to the sunporch, especially as the last of the tomato plants are gone. However, in the process of de-uglifying the sitting room I noticed […]

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O plumber, where art thou?

The bottom seam of the hot water cylinder is leaking, but can I find a plumber prepared to come out and replace it? No chance. They’re too busy to fit in small jobs, with one even telling me “it’s getting back to the boom years and I don’t have to do jobs like that”. I […]

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Dog sleeping on tiles being grouted

‘But I’m comfortable’

I’m attempting to clean the remaining grout film off the tiled floor, but Harvey has decided the tiles are a good spot for a lie down. He was quite comfortable on his beanbag in the sitting room, until I set to work and then he decided the hard floor was a much better spot to […]

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Painting delayed, again

The sun was shining with only a few clouds in the sky, so I thought I’d paint the kitchen and bathroom windows. I should have known it was a daft decision. By the time I’d got the paint out and cleaned the window frames, a cold front had pushed a mass of cloud up from […]

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