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Making the most of the sun

Goodbye to Doris

I’ve just come in from shooting Doris, one of the foundation sows of our Berkshire herd. Doris was an easy sow, had a good life on the croft and paid her way. She was a cracking pig. She was a little thin after she weaned her last litter of piglets in August. She hadn’t regained […]

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Doris will have to be culled

I’ve just come in from examining Doris, one of our Berkshire pig herd’s foundation sows. Doris failed to regain weight as fast as normal after her last litter of piglets were weaned, so we didn’t put her in with the boar. Instead, we opted to keep her back for a service timed to give us […]

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'Morning Two-Legs! Where's breakfast?'

‘Morning Two-Legs!’

‘Morning Two-Legs! I’m here first. Gimme breakfast! Quick!’ Doris, one of our Berkshire sows, tries to beat the breakfast rush on the croft.  Related articles Around the croft. ( 211 ( ‘Walkies? Please?’ (

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Gus, our Berkshire boar

Gus snuffles about

Earlier this year, I let the boys use the dSLR’s video recording function. This evening, while organising my photo library, I discovered their short video of Gus, our Berkshire boar. I decided to publish it as some readers might like to see him in snuffling action.

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'Form an orderly queue, ladies, it's dinner time!'

Dinner queue

Our Berkshire sows can be scattered across the hillside. Some can be asleep. Some can be grubbing up roots. Some can be sunbathing. Some can be chatting up “the boy”. But no matter how busy they are are and no matter how quietly I try to fill the feed buckets, whenever I venture out with […]

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