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Bees to be privatised

In an aposite piece of satire, the Daily Mash ‘reveals’ Britain’s bees will be privatised in a bid to reverse their decline. The insects have been hit in recent years by a huge drop in productivity, mass redundancies, and the collapse of traditional honeymaking communities, and the move is aimed at getting the ailing bee […]

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Our hives with the bees at work.

New theory for bee decline

Yet another new theory about the catastrophic decline in bees numbers has been proposed, with the finger pointed at diesel fumes. A possible link between pollution found in diesel fumes and the global collapse of honey bee colonies is to be investigated. Researchers from the University of Southampton believe nanoparticles emitted from diesel engines could […]

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Honey in a pot of bother

I wonder how this judgement is going to be enforced? The European Union’s highest court on Tuesday ruled that honey which contains trace amounts of pollen from genetically modified (GM) corn must be labelled as GM produce and undergo full safety authorisation before it can be sold as food. Bavarian beekeepers, some 500m from a […]

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Now it’s the bees

I went out to check the bees today before replenishing their feeders, but when I opened both hives all the bees were dead. I suspect the sudden cold snap at the beginning of March killed them, as they were thriving and working well at the end of February. When I checked them in February, on […]

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Busy as bees

It’s been a busy few weeks on the croft as we finally had a spell of good weather with temperatures ranging from 18 to 21C, with one day of 23C. It makes a change from cold and gales – it is supposed to be summer. The improving weather has kept us busy in the garden, […]

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