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Ice, snow and shirt sleeves

The Met Office has issued a “be aware” notice, warning of the prospect of widespread gales across Scotland on Christmas Eve but we’re in a calm at the moment. The temperature is -3ºC, there’s a thick layer of ice over much of the croft and we’re being dusted by intermittent snow flurries. Despite this, I’ve […]

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Life on a croft in Ness

In one of my forays around the web, seeking the blogs of other others who lead the crofting life, I turned up Sweeny’s Air on Lot, from Ness on the Isle of Lewis. Somehow I’ve missed the blog in the past, but here’s some of Sweeny’s background to give a taste: I have started up […]

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Sometimes farmers are ‘mean’ to cows—to save them

I can’t see the following comments from a dairy farmer going down well with many people, whether the die-hard animal liberationists who bombard me (and others) with death threats or the wilfully ignorant who don’t want to know why certain actions are necessary during the production of food for their plate. Well this is awkward. […]

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Return of the family

My inal few hours of freedom for the year are fast ticking by. Yes, the family is back home shortly. There goes the peace, quiet, and clean, tidy house. Here comes “but you can fix it”, “he hit me first” and “do I have to?”

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