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Horsemeat review: it’s not just rogues

I wasn’t surprised to read in the Guardian that the horesmeat substitution scandal isn’t a one-off limited to a few rogues and that the problem is exacerbated by weak policing, tight margins and stretched councils. The only thing I would have added to the list is customer demand for  cheaper meat. If the government thought […]

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Glasses are a pain

I am not enjoying being a Speccy Four-Eyes. Reading with glasses on continues to give me a headache after 30 to 40 minutes. I returned to the optician and had no joy. The optician says I have sensitive eyes and need to train them for several weeks by reading twice a day for 20 minutes, […]

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Food that never rots?

Another day and another quick fix is put before us. This time, we’re told a substance called bisin may be the solution to food poisoning and the waste mountain. According to the Telegraph, bisin’s ability to kill the bacteria that trigger decomposition in fresh proteins may mean that food processors will be able to create […]

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The Telegraph reports that consumers believe pigs have wings.

Consumers do think pigs have wings

People often express surprise when I blog about the attitudes, beliefs and fondly held notions held by many potential customers for our Berkshire pigs and pork. After all, they say, customers can’t be that ignorant or naive, can they? Well, the Daily Telegraph today reports on a survey done for the Meat Trades Journal, to coincide […]

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I must heed Business Studies 101

Whenever I post about the cost of producing pigs or pork, pointing out the huge gulf between the costs we incur and the price customers expect to pay, I always get responses pointing out the errors of my ways and my failure to understand the economics of the market. Today was no different. I published […]

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