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Boiler fault gets me hot under the collar

Last winter, we had a Worcester Bosch Camray 18/25 external oil boiler fitted to run the central heating and provide us with hot water. The boiler has proved to be faster than the old one when it comes heating the house and water, although there’s no sign of an improvement in oil consumption. Nonetheless, until […]

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Defender passes its MoT

Our Land Rover Defender passed its MoT late yesterday, so all the work I put in on it paid off, especially as the hourly rate at the garage is now £40 an hour. The mechanic who did the pre-MoT check tightened the lower nut on the left rear shocker, repacked the left front wheelbearing and […]

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Rusted bezels

Not what I wanted to see

At rugby on Sunday, I found myself changing the Land Rover Defender’s headlight bulbs in pouring rain after the high beam element failed on the left-hand side. As the original equipment H4 bulbs aren’t the brightest, I decided to replace both 55/60w bulbs with ultra-bright versions in the same power. I’m glad I did as […]

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Budding pizza chef

The Big Lad was given the opportunity to make pizzas at school, which he seized upon with glee. He asked if we could supply proper ingredients, rather than use the sauce-in-a-bottle, cheap pepperoni and cheap grated cheese the school planned to use. I worked out that we could just afford a few decent ingredients if […]

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Land Rover Defender with wheel off

Chilling with the Defender

The Other Half tends not to notice when things go wrong with our Land Rover Defender. Well, not unless the truck stops dead because a diesel feed pipe has failed. Instead, it’s up to me to spot things during the four or five times I get to drive the Defender each month. And so it […]

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