Not what I wanted to see

Rusted bezels

At rugby on Sunday, I found myself changing the Land Rover Defender’s headlight bulbs in pouring rain after the high beam element failed on the left-hand side. As the original equipment H4 bulbs aren’t the brightest, I decided to replace both 55/60w bulbs with ultra-bright versions in the same power.

I’m glad I did as I quickly discovered both headlight bezels had rusted through at the bottom. As the bezels keep the glass attached to the bowls, secure the lights to the bodywork and act as the mounts for the adjustment screws, it’s vital they’re intact and even more so with the truck’s MoT inspection due next week.

It was irritating to find the corrosion was so extensive that sections of the bezels crumbled in my hands as I fitted replacement black anodised bezels just over four years ago, similar to these ones. This time around, I decided to see if I could find galvanised or stainless steel bezels.

Defender stainless steel light bezelAfter searching the internet and checking various Land Rover forums, I found the Mobile Centre, an LED lighting specialist that sells pairs of stainless steel bezels for people who want to add bling to their Defenders. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of stainless steel bezels would cost £22.19 plus delivery compared with £20-25 for a pair of anodised ones.

I ordered the new bezels on Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday, which was the second pleasant surprise. Usually, couriers take three or four days to reach us in our neck of the woods. Of course, it was raining so I had the joy of replacing the bezels and realigning the lights while getting soaked through for the second time.

Still, it was worth it. The combination of new, brighter bulbs and new bezels means we have much better vision at night and the lights no longer flutter after we’ve hit a bump.

As for other jobs, in the past fortnight I’ve freed a seized brake caliper, replaced the front brake pads, checked the rear pads, bled the brakes and topped the reservoir up, rotated the wheels, replaced the main light switch, repaired a fault in the side light circuit, replaced both side light bulbs and fixed a fault in the instrument lights. The handbrake still needs to be adjusted and there’s a 12,000 miles service to do, although the latter can wait until after the MoT if needed. Meanwhile, I’m getting further behind with my studies and there’s an assignment due next Thursday…

5 Responses to “Not what I wanted to see”

  1. Crikey Dennis…you do put a lot of hard work into that battlewagon of yours…in an abstract sort of way I’m wondering how long the superstructure’s going to be sound enough to keep bolting replacement bits on…between yours and the Raasay one It does almost seem as though they go on for ever…

    • The chassis will need replacement soon, but there’s enough solid metal left that a few patches can be cut in and welded in the interim. In fact, a couple are going on today. :D

  2. If you need chassis patches let us know as it is quite quick when you have the right tools

  3. Hey Stoney, I sent you an E-mail back in August and never got a response, then tried again on January 24th and didn’t get a response. I think maybe I’ve gotten funneled into the spam filter? Hope you, the OH, the lads, and Harvey are well!

    • They might have been stopped by my ISP. I’m aware that a large number of emails from a couple of sources haven’t made it through due to the ISP blacklisting the IP addresses they were routed through. We’re getting along well at the moment, although I’m ruining my eyes with too much academic study! Hope your stay in Scotland finished on a positive note and that you’re keeping well.

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