Done, dusted and delivered

I submitted the final assignment for the first module of my BSc (Hons) Sport, Fitness and Coaching last night.

I now have five months to catch up on the outstanding croft work, house refurbishment, Land Rover refurbishment and this blog. But, before I start, I’m giving myself a day off.

If anyone reading this is considering the Open University’s coaching degree, be warned that the first module, E112 Introduction To Sport, Fitness and Management, makes heavier demands on time than the course outline suggests. I was expecting to spend 14-16 hours a week studying, only to find I was doing upwards of 20 hours most weeks.

In addition, collaborative working with other students was almost non-existent, the tutor group forum was barely used, the tutorial software demanded faster broadband than I have and I ended up ignoring the tutor’s comments as they proved to be counterproductive. (My marks went up when I stopped reading her feedback on my assignments.)

In the end, I found myself working independently, relying on a large collection of books and the OU’s excellent library to fill out the course material instead of drawing on the experiences of the other students and tutor. It wasn’t what I paid for but it’s what I got so I made the best of it.

2 Responses to “Done, dusted and delivered”

  1. smallholderwannabe Reply 11 June, 2013 at 09:12

    Well done for getting to the end of module one : )

  2. Pity that you weren’t able to get out of it what you were expecting but well done nonetheless for making it through.

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