Hens back in lay

7 Responses to “Hens back in lay”

  1. Polite Scouser Reply 8 March, 2013 at 17:07

    Hi Stonehead your post arrival times are a bit eratic, only got your posting about the house breakin today. Little suggestion to try and put off burglars is buy a few false wall cameras from Maplin that give off a pulse of light it could just deter them. The answer really is to make an example of them when caught is to feather them like a chicken throw them into a cage of lions and see how fast they run. Road runner beep beep.

  2. Sorry to hear of your somewhat mixed luck Stoney…Sussex has a nice coating of snow tonight as I type, but I expect hardy types like yourself would barely notice! All the best from Bognor


    • We had snow cover until early last week, then lost it for about six days and now it’s back. Quite typical. I don’t expect a snow-free month until May at the earliest.

  3. Just wondering how the Scots Grey breeding programme is going? I bought a quartet from Andy Marshall back in November of 2012 and have just hatched my second batch of chicks.

  4. Try keeping a couple of geese to ward off unwanted visitors. My Gran’s geese always scared the ******** out of even the valid callers. They are noisy, scary and dangerous.

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