Drill is hammered

When my father visited us last October, he bought me an SDS-Plus hammer drill to speed up the task of raking out mortar joints and removing tile cement from the floor.

The drill proved useful, being much faster if rather more noisy than using a lump hammer, cold chisels and bolster chisels.

However, it failed today. Yes, after just three months.

I was raking out mortar when the clutch shrieked, the drill juddered hard and the chisel bit stopped work even though the motor was racing. Useless piece of junk.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the receipt off my father and he’s long since gone back to Australia. I now have to persuade B&Q to give me a replacement drill without a receipt.

Wish me luck.

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5 Responses to “Drill is hammered”

  1. If you know the date of purchase and the card number used, you should have no problems.

  2. By the way are you having problems with uplifting your blog to the Internet . Your reports have only just arrived from December & January in the last half hour. Followed by Feb?

  3. I noticed this as well, the delay in the posts; good to see your back blogging….I’ve only two years to catch up on:)

  4. Hi Stoney…good to see you back…hope you and yours are all well!

    All the best


  5. I too have noticed the long delay in receiving your posts. Atmospheric gremlins at work mate?.
    Hope the drill problems is solved too.

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