Ooh, we’re too cold now

Or at least that’s what the “cold alarm” is telling me.

The new boiler and radiators may make the house much warmer than was previously the case but when they go off the lack of insulation means the house loses the heat overnight. (And yes, we’re planning to do something about that.)

A consequence of that heat loss is that when I went out to the kitchen this morning, I found the cold alarm flashing. It’s a little doodad the heating installers fitted to warn us we’re at risk of hypothermia because the indoor temperature is between 7ºC and 11ºC.

It’s just as well we didn’t have one before the new heating went in as it would have flashed 24/7 for the past eight years. I suppose that’s a disadvantage of modern technology—we never knew we were cold until it told us!

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One Response to “Ooh, we’re too cold now”

  1. I never thought I would be wearing socks in bed again, but in the last few weeks in my temporary stone built Yorkshire residence I have felt the need. Happy to see it starting to warm up, hope you are getting the same sunshine up North.

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