Brrr, brrr, brrr, slosh

No, I’m not cold. I’ve been cutting channels in the concrete floor to lay the new central heating pipes and, five minutes after putting the SDS drill down, I’m still vibratiing to the point that I’ve just sloshed coffee on the floor, on the steps and on the computer keyboard.

My ears are still ringing, too, even though I had ear defenders on. The ear defenders have worked well with everything else—the 9″ anglegrinder, pendulum saw, pillar drill etc—but I’m going to have to get a better pair to use with the SDS drill as the noise level is skull piercing.

I use the big anglegrinder and a diamond blade to cut lines the length of the slot, then chisel the mortar out with the SDS drill. It’s certainly a lot easier and faster chiseling the concrete with the SDS drill instead of using a variety of cold chisels and a lump hammer.

Power tools aren’t as much fun, though. And as I’ve just found they can be messy, even after the event.

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