Feels like winter

Sun breaks through the trees behind the old tattie lifter.

Winter has been mild thus far with temperatures rarely dropping below -5ºC, but we did get about 30cm (12 inches) of snow overnight and a stiff breeze meant the windchill was decidedly bracing. Still, the sun broke through in the afternoon and I made the most of the opportunity to do a few jobs, take a few photos and have a brisk walk with Harvey, our Border Terrier.

It's cold out on the hill

It's quiet without the pigs.

The chickens appreciate the snow shovel!

Harvey ventures out to look for his favourite postie.

Looking up the hill past the croft.

4 Responses to “Feels like winter”

  1. Now that’s what I call a good report with a trilogy of atmospheric photo’s encapsulating the harsh enviromental conditions that a crofter has to fight daily in the highlands of Scotland.

    • Actually, it’s not been harsh so far. In fact, it’s been decidedly warm for winter with minimal snow. The main challenge has been ice. Day-time temperatures just above freezing followed by night-time temperatures just below freezing mean we’ve had a lot of very slick ice for a couple of hours most mornings.

      We’ve had snow cover for the past week, but it’s only ankle deep and nothing to bother us on the croft. There’s not even been enough snow or ice to cancel rugby training, although the windchill has meant finishing the outside training earlier several times.

  2. Nice photos, but looks very very cold. I can actually appreciate working/teaching in Libya.

  3. Sure -we havent had huge deep dumps of snow in Aberdeenshire – but the drifting 3 weeks ago was quite severe. 4ft deep on our lane near Old Rayne. too deep for my neighbours landrover and my landcruiser, we both had to be pulled out by a John Deere. I also think we have had more frequent snowfalls this winter, albeit often marginal. overall its been more wintry than many of the last 12 years. Clashindarroch forest has had over 50 days of skiiable conditions for the XC skiers, which is quite decent.

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