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Ooh, we’re too cold now

Or at least that’s what the “cold alarm” is telling me. The new boiler and radiators may make the house much warmer than was previously the case but when they go off the lack of insulation means the house loses the heat overnight. (And yes, we’re planning to do something about that.) A consequence of […]

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Regular service will continue

The sports course I’m studying with the Open University has moved on to physical activity and ageing. According to a quiz on our lifestyles, I’m predicted to live until I’m 92. Looks like I’ll be annoying people for a long time to come!

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Brrr, brrr, brrr, slosh

No, I’m not cold. I’ve been cutting channels in the concrete floor to lay the new central heating pipes and, five minutes after putting the SDS drill down, I’m still vibratiing to the point that I’ve just sloshed coffee on the floor, on the steps and on the computer keyboard. My ears are still ringing, […]

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Sun breaks through the trees behind the old tattie lifter.

Feels like winter

Winter has been mild thus far with temperatures rarely dropping below -5ºC, but we did get about 30cm (12 inches) of snow overnight and a stiff breeze meant the windchill was decidedly bracing. Still, the sun broke through in the afternoon and I made the most of the opportunity to do a few jobs, take […]

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Happy New Year! Or not…

Today’s the day of Janus, Roman god of gates and doors. It’s also the start of what was the Roman civil year. And it’s the date a pope decided was the start of the year in 1582. And it’s the date Britain finally decided to accept as the start of the New Year in 1752. […]

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