It’s snowing, cue media hysteria

Snow falls on the old cottage and livestock trailer.We’re waiting for the annual outbreak of panic and hysteria from the media and our local schools. Why? Because it’s snowing and that means “disaster”, the “big freeze” and the end of the world as we know it. Or something like that. We’ve had just under 10cm (4in) of snow so far, which is a reasonable fall for December. The only downside for us is that the new tyres for the Land Rover are yet to arrive but the fire is burning, the hot chocolate is being poured and I have a slice of toast with honey waiting for me.

4 Responses to “It’s snowing, cue media hysteria”

  1. It’ll either be that or “It’s snowing: that proves global warming is a hoax!”

    Germany doesn’t seem to panic as much: we just grit our roads and get on with it, as it were.

    • The school transport doesn’t run because it’s too much risk. And yet the Other Half, who’s a teacher, is expected to make her way in. And does. Easily.

      • Yes, but she can’t sue anyone if she has an accident, so it’s okay for her to be put at risk.

        It’s the same here: my company has to provide ear protection because the machines make more than 80 DB of noise. But in the city, 80 DB is the level of traffic noise, and yet that’s deemed okay for the people living alongside it, without protection. I asked someone about this and they said “You can’t sue anyone, so nobody cares”

        I wonder what the legal situation is if I have an accident in a public bus or train on the way to college?

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