A lesson in making pizzas

The Big Lad works the pizza dough on the worktop.

The Big Lad brought a pizza home from school last Monday. He’d made it in Home Economics, but wasn’t happy with it as the students weren’t allowed to make “proper pizza” due to time, budget and health and safety constraints. The school pizza wasn’t made with leavened dough, the dough wasn’t worked long enough, the “sauce” was a can of tomato juice dribbled over the top and the cheese was nasty. He asked to make pizza for dinner tonight, doing a “proper job”. I agreed.


The Big Lad started by making his dough, kneading it hard for 10 minutes before putting it in an oiled basin to rise. After an hour, he knocked it back, kneaded it again and left it to rise for another hour.


While the dough was proving, the Big Lad made the tomato sauce that would go on two of his three pizzas. He cooked down a mixture of fresh and canned tomatoes, seasoned with a large amount of garlic, plenty of diced oregano and a couple of big pinches of pepper. He also sliced onions, grated hard cheese, broke up soft cheese, crushed more garlic and prepared his tubs of sun-dried tomatoes and anchovies.


The dough proved well and was divided into three.


The Big Lad isn’t sufficiently accomplished to fling pizza bases in the air, so he works the dough into shape using his fingertips. He tells me the rustic look is in, anyway.


Brushing a pizza base with olive oil before spreading it with sauce. His three pizzas were anchovy and olives with tomato sauce, cheese and onion, and sun-dried tomatoes, chillies and cheese.


Almost done. Two of the pizzas about three minutes before they were done.


“Now that’s what I call a pizza!” The Big Lad with his anchovy and olive pizza.


The cheese and onion pizza comes out of the oven.


Anchovy and olive pizza with tomato sauce.


Cheese and onion pizza.

2012-11-25pizza12Sundried tomato, chilli and cheese pizza. All three were delicious. The Big Lad kept a slice of each to take to school to offer to his Home Economics teacher and show her that he can make proper pizza.

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3 Responses to “A lesson in making pizzas”

  1. I’d say your son has gotten a better education in “home ec” at home with you than he has at school. :) They look so good and that dough was wonderful. Good job!

  2. Well done keep up the cooking , it’s a good skill to be able to feed yourself .

  3. Now those are what I call pizzas…congratulations to the big lad for his prowess in the kitchen…I’ll bet they taste every bit as good as they look.

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